Rocket Jump Ninja

Freelance Full Stack Web Development

Developed and deployed a high-traffic website for an influential product reviewer, including the development of a bespoke product search system. The website lead to an increase of traffic to their brand affiliate links, resulting in increased revenue. The application handles around 3.5 million requests per month, serving upwards of 100,000 unique visitors.

Technologies --- Python - Pyramid Web Framework - NGINX - HTML - JS - CSS - Directus CMS - Gunicorn - Linux

The Drum Academy

Web Design

Redesigned and modernised the academy's website design and looks. The client used One.com's hosting and site editor, so I implemented my design via their management tools, keeping the client on a familiar platform to ensure future maintainability independently.

Technologies --- UI - UX - Graphics

Instant Messenger

Academic Project

Developed an in-classroom instant messenger for my year 13 coursework. Utilising a custom protocol on-top of raw sockets to communicate between a central server, handling permissions, authentication, and multiple clients simultaneously, through a GUI client.

Technologies --- Python - Java - Websockets - Java Swing

Automatic Music Controller for CSGO

Personal Project

Software to automatically raise and lower the volume of a given program, depending on the state of the player in game. I.e. raise music upon death, until next round begins.

Technologies --- C# - Windows Audio API - CSGO Game State Integration

Discord Music Status

Personal Project

Popular script that utilised a self-bot on a users Discord account to display their currently played music as their status, before the Spotify integration came along

Technologies --- Python - Discord API

Discord Bot


Built a multi-functional Discord chat bot, providing moderation tools, user management, and interaction with external API's. Used on over 100 servers to date!

Technologies --- Python - Discord API - Asynchronous - SQLite

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